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Protect Your Investment – Keep Up With Your RV Bodywork

RV maintenance is an unavoidable part of being an RV owner. Keeping your RV bodywork clean and well-maintained extends its lifespan and helps preserve its value – as well as making using your motorhome the pleasurable experience that it should be.

Regular cleaning and maintenance protects your RV bodywork

Sure, you know that maintenance is essential for any vehicle to carry on running smoothly – but why is cleaning your RV so important?

Simply being exposed to the elements without being cleaned can degrade the bodywork of your RV. For example, rainwater is often slightly acidic, and rough particles of dust and grit from driving can build up on your bodywork causing small abrasions.

Removing these contaminants on a regular basis will go a long way as you strive to keep your RV in the best shape possible. Power washing may be risky if you do it yourself. It’s easy to damage seals, gaskets, and other accessories on your RV. Water damage is the leading cause of RV body damage. Leaking window gaskets and body seams are often common problems if this type of care is mishandled. Consider a professional RV bodywork dealer for these tasks.

Taking good care of your RV bodywork

Sometimes a power wash just isn’t enough to restore your RV to its full glory. Paint repair and refinishing will keep your RV looking its best and it’s value up.

It also pays to watch out for signs that your RV bodywork needs repair. Issues like bubbling fiberglass panels, corrosion and rust are best tackled quickly to prevent bigger problems in the future.

Don’t forget your windows, wheels, and roof

It’s not just the bodywork that benefits from specialist cleaning and maintenance. Many RVs have acrylic windows, which are practical and lightweight, but prone to scratching and damage from the wrong cleaning products.

Alloy wheels are often standard on RVs, and they look great. Good maintenance keeps them looking great for longer. Without cleaning and maintenance, they can start to corrode and spoil the look of your motorhome.

The roof of your RV is easy to forget about – until you have a problem. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your RV’s roof is essential to avoid leaks. The two most common materials for motorhome roofs are metal and membrane – which both need handling differently. Inspect your roof at least twice a year for any cracks or damage that may need attention.

Your interior needs maintaining too

It’s not just the exterior that you need to take good care of as a part of your RV maintenance. The interior of your RV needs some regular TLC too. Take your floor for example. Over time, your RV’s floor can succumb to general wear and tear damage. Repairing or replacing that flooring when needed ensures that your motorhome always looks its best.

Maintaining your motorhomes flooring has more benefits than just aesthetics. Ignoring damaged motorhome flooring can be a mistake because it could be hiding worse underlying damage – that can be costly to fix.

Expert maintenance, power washing, and RV bodywork.

At The RV Shop, New Castle, DE, we offer servicing, repairs and refinishing for your RV – all completed to the highest standards.

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