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RV Delamination Repair

RV Delamination Repair in New Castle, DE

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That small crack on the side of your RV isn’t as innocent as it looks. It can quickly grow into delamination, derailing your vacation plans. At The RV Shop in New Castle, DE, we’re here to prevent further damage with our best-in-class RV delamination repairs. What is delamination? When the outer coating of your rig, made of a gel coating or fiberglass, starts to pull away from the substrate, made of lightweight plywood or luan. As this happens, the risk of further damage increases because materials are no longer protected from moisture. The earlier you spot damage like bubbles or small cracks, the easier the RV delamination repair is. Although we can repair the damage at any stage, it becomes more costly in time and money the longer you ignore the problem. DIY RV delamination kits are available, but we don’t recommend them. It’s always best to have a professional like The RV Shop address the issue so you can rest easy knowing the repairs are right. To prevent delamination, inspect your RV seals frequently or bring them by, and our professionals will inspect them for you.