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RV Weather Seam Repair

RV Weather Seam Repair in New Castle, DE

Keeping Water Damage Out – The RV Shop

Water is a recreational vehicle’s worst enemy. It can cause unseen damage and damage your vacation and wallet. At The RV Shop in New Castle, DE, we’re here to help with our RV weather seam repair services. Aside from leaving a window or door open, how does water get in? Your RV is covered in seams and sealant. The sealants expand and contract as the weather changes from cold to hot. This can cause small gaps or cracks in the seams where unwanted water can enter. You should inspect your rig regularly for cracks, gaps, and separation before prolonged water damage can occur. Look around windows, corner joints, slide-out seams, and anywhere there is an appliance or internal compartment. Call us to schedule your RV weather seam repair if you spot an issue. Behind a small problem can be hidden water damage which is why we advise against DIY fixes. Our pros will do a thorough evaluation and identify what seams need repairing along with any other damage. Have peace of mind knowing we’re on the job!