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Combating The Supply Chain at The RV Shop

With inflation and high gas prices, it's no wonder companies are struggling to keep their word to their customers – especially in a service-based business. One of our core values here at The RV Shop is ‘downtime reduction'. The average RV owner invests over $20,000 to finance their second-home on wheels and that's no small feat in an economy that fluctuates by the day. So when disaster strikes – or it's just time for general RV body maintenance, we are here to help take some of the burden off of you and make sure you get your RV back in better than new condition within your promised timeframe.

When Parts Are on Back Order, DIY

We recently had a customer earlier this summer, who had an unfortunate accident that left the side of their motorhome damaged. While the body work was easy to buff out and paint, parts replacement became a burden.

As the doors of the RV were completely crumbled in damage, our quick thinking team decided to act when they found out through manufacturers that there would be a three month wait for parts. Using our resources at our parent company, ARS Truck & Fleet Service, their metal and fabrication team were able to weld up some new doors to manufacturer specification.

Save Time, Save Money

While we are fortunate to have this resource internally, it only made sense to pass that good fortune off to our RV customers as well. The time it took to weld, replace, paint and refinish this RV, took far less time than waiting around for the manufacturer to ship us new doors – at three times the cost. This would have meant that the customer would be without their RV for the summer travel season all because of back ordered side doors.

Suppliers around the world are being crippled by rising gas prices and a market that is becoming more and more unpredictable by the day. The RV Shop is constantly staying on top of economic trends to provide the best service possible to our customers. We aim to reduce customer downtime so our customers can go out and enjoy the great outdoors where ever their travels may take them.

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While we want to make sure your RV is safe to drive, it is also important to make sure it’s safe to inhabit. Have you checked your doors, windows, or roof lately? We have some tips for protecting your investment and up keeping your RV body work, here.

Our team is ready to help you protect your RV from the elements. Contact us now to get in-touch with our estimators and bring your RV for an estimate today!

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